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Due to Covid I am currently not working at any venue and have removed the booking and contact pages for the time being. I will be sending out my mailing list as soon as we can reopen.

There is currently no date set for this. 


Sports, Deep Tissue & Clinical Massage

A sports massage, also known as soft tissue therapy is not just for those who have a sporting injury.  It is a treatment that will incorporate elements of a deep tissue massage along with muscle energy techniques, stretch therapy, trigger point work and other therapeutic techniques aimed at relieving tension in muscles and soft tissue.

It sometimes will involve little actual 'massage' depending on the client's condition. It is more 'interactive' than a deep tissue massage, meaning that the client will be required to communicate during the treatment and do some stretch and resistance work with the therapist. In this field I specialise in back, neck and shoulder tension and have experience working with swimmers, runners and cyclists as well as general aches and pains caused by everyday life including during and after pregnancy. 


Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using concentrated plant extracts 'essential oils'  to help in everyday health complaints. Essential oils are made up of a variety of chemical compounds that have an effect on the body. It is both an art and a science. It involves blending oils that will have the desired effect and creating beautiful aromas. I blend all the oils for my treatments from scratch and can make a bespoke blend for a client if needed. Please email if you'd like more information. 



Reflexology works by stimulating specific points on the foot that correspond to particular points of the body. By stimulating these 'reflex points' the aim is to help to body to heal itself by working on the stimulated areas. 

It can also work directly on 'crunchy' areas of tension in the same way massage can and my treatments also involve some light passive stretching for the feet and Achilles area. 

Treatments for (but not limited to):

Back, neck and shoulder aches & pains. Stiff legs & hips from running/cycling/walking including 'runner's knee'. Plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, back & hip aches during and post pregnancy & tension headaches. 

Aromatherapy Oil
Applying Essential Oil
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