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Lucy Ayşe

'The Natural Nomad'


I'm a sports, clinical & remedial massage therapist, reflexologist and aromatherapist based in  Crystal Palace & Forest Hill. 

I'm fully qualified and insured to treat a full range of soft tissue conditions and my treatments focus on  looking for the route cause of an ailment rather than just treating the symptoms.

I specialise in sports & remedial massage, which uses a variety of techniques such as muscle energy technique, soft tissue & active release (stretch therapy)  as well as deep tissue massage and trigger point work.  

My holistic treatments focus on using reflexology and aromatherapy to help with stress, anxiety, insomnia & depression.

I always blend my own aromatherapy massage oils using essential oils and can work these into any of my treatments. I can also make a bespoke blend for you at your consultation if requested. 

Both massage and reflexology are wonderful during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and can help to lower blood pressure, reduce oedema (swellings) and generally reduce stress and anxiety .

I'm also trained in manual lymphatic drainage, which I usually blend with aromatherapy. As the name suggests, it focuses on the lymphatic system and aiding the movement of lymph through its channels around the body to help it drain more effectively. This can aid in the reduction of swellings and general overall health. This technique can also be used during a pregnancy massage to help with swellings and generaly health.